Good evening, Ms. Osmanovic,

I watched and listened to some of your videos tonight, and it really inspired me about how you approach this new chapter of both your business and private life. They’ve changed positively, continued to develop, and have matured into a very special personality during your transformation process. It’s motivated me to continue and to optimize my own transformation process, has made me more self-confident, and has given me deep gratitude for the new possibilities that are offered. Thank you very much for your inspiration.

Herbert Meier, Bühl



Personal Coaching with Sabine Osmanovic. A Testimonial.

She came, she smiled, and she brought the happiness with her!

With this short description, I can sum up my first encounter with Sabine Osmanovic. Her profound knowledge, as well as her charming and convincing way of conveying it, is „worth its weight in gold“ in the truest sense. With her very structured approach and her know-how, Sabine is able to bring things into alignment, and to get things moving again that were previously thought to be stuck and almost impossible to restart.

Her gentle, but nevertheless direct emphasis in the right places led me smoothly through the process, to enable a successful, goal-oriented development. She carefully, yet stringently, directs her clients to a position that allows them to walk upright and clear their own path. Her reserved nature and unquestionable expertise are very helpful. I can therefore highly recommend Sabine, and encourage everyone to seek her advice on how to face changes to complicated situations and ideas.

Thank you, Sabine Osmanovic.

With best recommendations, Ralf Metzenmacher

Pressebild Elisabeth MotschThe office ran well, but not very well. Operations lacked efficiency and, as a result, my coworkers couldn't fulfill their tasks the way I would have liked. Internal communication and preparation were deficient, as well as follow-up on projects. Additionally, I had no idea what was completed, and what was not.
Through the program you recommended to me, I always knew where we stood with our tasks. By checking their work processes, my employees saved a lot of time and could then focus on the most important things, without losing sight of the others. Working together with you, Ms. Osmanovic, was a big win for me. For anyone who would like to work more efficiently. I have already recommended you to them, and I still do, because I am convinced.
Elisabeth Motsch, Personal Development with Style and Etiquette

JanReuterBefore we contracted with SO!, QMS was a tiresome work topic that we had not really fully developed.
We booked SO! not only because of her long-term experience and well-known expertise in process optimization, but also because – with mindfulness and objectives – she helps employees and managers see eye-to-eye.
Thanks to SO!, I have more time for my customers, more time for my family, and a very clearly defined work plan. Both for my team and for myself. A blessing.
I would recommend SO! to everyone, except for my local competitors ;-)
Basically, any SMEs and family-run businesses, as well as smaller pharmaceutical companies, such as Meckel-Spenglersan, DHU, or Heel.
Jan Reuter, Owner, Central Apotheke Walldürn

Herold1I wrestled with my accounting and always let it go until it became a huge mountain that was increasingly difficult to approach. Only the letters from the tax office setting deadlines would get me to start on it, and then I would spend weeks sorting through all of the old documents. Moreover, I always felt uncomfortable because, yes, I knew that the mountain was growing.
I asked you for advice because you exude an impression of competence, and I always connected with you on Facebook.
Through your tips, I set a weekly date for accounting, I do my accounts regularly and it spares me the laborious searching, so that I'm usually finished in only half an hour. That gives me a really good feeling.
I recommend engaging with you to anyone who doesn't know how they and/or their office should organize and structure processes for themselves.
Renate Herold

At a time of upheaval and reorientation, I've posed many questions to myself, which I have faced with some uncertainty. This was predominantly for financial and future planning issues – and my own ideas and resources at the time were insufficient to tackle these issues, and the necessary process changes, in a structured and creative way.
To me, sympathy and empathy were of primary importance, as well as competency and an open attitude to my questions and doubts.
In the first week, it was already clear to me that I was in good hands with Sabine Osmanovic, and she picked me up to where I am now. The collaboration was characterized by a high degree of appreciation in our first conversation – through that, it was easier to address unpleasant issues and bring them to light together with Sabine. Looking at my issues from outside, in a creative way, working together on the right solutions for me, has removed the uncertainty from me and given me motivation to do things and to change. It was always important that the solution was my own, and not just prepackaged ... because only if it felt right, could I be completely behind it. To achieve this, Sabine put in a lot of effort and didn't accept any half-solutions. Critical and well-placed questions provided a great deal of support for my processes.
I recommend Sabine Osmanovic to all people who need business or personal motivation (for one is affected primarily by the other), in order to go in a new direction or to question old patterns. Anyone looking for a competent, empathic, motivating, and appreciative coach for developing new ideas and structures can feel they are in good hands here.
D. N. Kolitzheim – Natural Health Practitioner

We had an unexpected loss of a colleague and needed to quickly adapt our processes to the new circumstances. As an educational institution that handles many projects for the Employment Agency, it's extremely important for our company to operate efficiently and reliably. It was an emergency rescue mode, so to speak, in order to further secure our work processes.
Sabine had already supported us in the implementation of training for applicants, and we knew she was very reliable and delivered excellent work. In no time, Sabine had our administrative processes reorganized, and she made sure we were able to compensate for the loss of our colleague.
I recommend Sabine to young companies that want to create an optimal structure for their processes from the very beginning; companies that need to quickly respond to changes; and executives and employees who want to better organize themselves.
Birgit Wolfrum-Reichel, Coordinator, BDP Peters GmbH, Hassfurt/Schweinfurt

I had the pleasure to meet Sabine Osmanovic during a business coaching program we both attended. Sabine is an amazing person who is truly present when she’s interacting with people. She has the maturity given by the experience in her field. She’s incredibly gentle and understands very quickly your needs. I’ve been asking Sabine a whole series of questions about my business starting with how to make invoices the proper way to what I could do next to gain more visibility. Each and every time, Sabine was amazingly clear and concise and gave me the proper direction under her constant guidance. I am feeling blessed that Sabine appeared on my path when I needed answers to my billions of questions. Sabine is a real hearted person happy to see you succeed and learn. Her presence and energy and mastery are priceless for your success. Sabine knows the way SO! Well that she is truly a gift to your business growth. Take the ride with her and get to the next level!

Nabila Bardine, PhD, Business Owner and Holistic Life Coach.

Liebe Frau Osmanovic,

Bevor ich an sie heran getreten bin, habe ich bald nicht mehr gewusst, welche Farbe die Oberfläche meines Schreibtisches hat. Vom Grunde her ergab sich aus der Menge der anfallenden Arbeit eine gewisse Überforderung. Da ich sie auf der DKM als Organisationsexperten im Vortrag erlebt habe, dachte ich mir, ich wende mich an sie.

In einem gemeinsamen Telefon Coaching erfassten wir meine Situation und Sie gaben mir sehr hilfreiche Tipps und Organisationshilfen an die Hand. Dieses ließ sich nicht sofort umsetzen, es hat einige Zeit gedauert. Die Situation jetzt ist allerdings, dass ich erstens meinem Schreibtisch Oberfläche wieder sehe, und zweitens eine strukturierteren Tagesablauf und ein aufgeräumtes Büro am Tagesende vorweisen kann. Die Sicht von außen, die sie quasi getätigt haben, war hier maßgeblich mit für den Erfolg verantwortlich.

Ich ich empfehle vor allen Dingen Einzelkämpfern sich von Frau Osmanovic unterstützen zu lassen. Ich glaube, dass eine solche Unterstützung Gold wert ist.

Viele Grüße aus Wolfsburg sendet

Florian Rex
Der Wolfsburger Versicherungsmakler & Generationenberatung
-Büro für wirtschaftliche Lebensplanung-


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