„The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.“
(Eleanor Roosevelt)

I am sure that we all have made decisions in our life and asked afterwards: „What would have happened if I had made another decision?“ Well, the moment has gone and there is no turning back, no chance to change what has happened. And – believe me or not – when you try to imagine the consequences that a change of your decision might have brought, you will see that you made the decision that was the best for you at this point in your live and the only one you could have made.

Fall Down 7 Times, Stand up 8
Or: Learn from your mistakes and keep going

Chicken out, or shake it off and try again?
Let me tell you about something that happened recently. I had the chance to give a 30-minute presentation in front of a group of colleagues. As was inevitable, I had more than the usual amount of excitement, and gave a lot of thought to what I wanted to say. This is how it usually is with me. When I have too many thoughts, I become paralyzed, and eventually I am unable to think of anything.

To make a long story short: As I walked off the stage after just under 30 minutes, I knew: "Girl, you really screwed up that one."

My core message did not emerge, and my listeners received from me no concrete tips for implementation.

Things got even worse when I stumbled by chance across an article, in which my lecture had received a negative review. As I said – it was on the mark! Nevertheless, it felt bad and I was even more annoyed with myself. I had blown a great opportunity.

Now, there were two possibilities for me. I could choose to give up and never go onstage again, or I could hold my head up, analyze the mistakes, and make it better for next time. I decided to go with the second option.

Each of you has probably experienced this situation: You're sitting in a meeting, or you're in a conversation within the family, someone makes a proposal, and then hears the response "Where would we be if..."

Are you familiar with the quote by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple: "Stay hungry! Stay foolish!“ A man considered a visionary by many others; a man who always believed in what he produced. A man who will forever be linked with the name of his company.

Phew – what a week! Three 14-hour days in a row, 1000 kilometers driven in the car, and nights of disturbed sleep...

Do you know this feeling? You flounder in the hamster wheel and don't even notice as the hours and days trickle past. You have no time to stop. It always seems to you that you are struggling to get somewhere without ever arriving.

First, you were building your own company, then came the hunt for new customers, seemingly endless, the guilty feeling as you face an email inbox with a three-digit number of unread messages. Your family understands, and yet you know that they're getting too little of your time.

It's the beginning of the year – time to set new goals, to look ahead and plan how the year will unfold.

Most of us set goals, be it for ourselves or for our business. And almost everyone hears at least once in his professional life what those goals should look like:

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attractive
R = Realistic
T = Timed

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