The Stairs to Success – how you can reach your goals without becoming breathless

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Are you one of the people who have tried to achieve particular objectives and at some point lost sight of their goals?

One of my coaching clients defined it as follows:

For me, it’s like standing at the lower end of a stairway with countless steps leading to the top. I feel very small and the goal at the top is so far out of reach. That’s when I start asking myself whether to take the first step or not.

My recommendation at that point is:

When you are starting to climb the stairs to your goal, don’t watch the whole stairway, don’t look up towards the goal. Just concentrate on the next step you have to take, the next move. How high is this step? How much energy do you need to take the step? In this way, you will climb the stairs, step by step, up to your big goal.

There will be days when you feel full of energy and motivation, and you’ll be able to run the steps two at a time. And there will be other days when you’ll feel exhausted, and the next step will look too high to climb. Days when you’ll have to force yourself to move on. But in the end, you’ll climb one step after the other, getting nearer to your goal.

And maybe there will be a point at which you realize that you need to take a break. That you have to rest to gain new power. That’s ok – take a break and – most of all – look back at the steps you’ve already taken. See how far you’ve already come.

Very often, while we are running toward the big goal, we forget to celebrate our achievements along the way. Enjoy a break and celebrate your intermediate success. This will help you to gain new strength for the next steps ahead.

I hope you enjoy climbing your stairs to success!

And if you need someone who will support you, offer you encouragement, or who can help you to see what you have already gained, then make an appointment with me:

I look forward to getting to know you!

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