7 Reasons Why Life Is a Bed of Roses

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You probably know the saying, “Life is not a bed of roses.” Although I must admit that I’ve never really understood why a bed of roses has been associated with being easy, trouble-free, and effortless.

For me, life really is a bed of roses. And what a life! You may be asking yourself how I came to this conclusion. The answer is simple:


1. There’s something new to discover every day
If you move through the world with open eyes, you will find a little miracle every day. Be it the first flowers budding after the winter, the first butterfly of spring, a small stream that carves its own way, or the beetle that crosses your path. Look at the world with the eyes of a child!

2. You never know what the day will bring
You plan your day, you know exactly what you’re going to do, and – bam! Something happens and your wonderful planning is nipped in the bud; it happens in the bed of roses just like in life. The unforeseen can happen anywhere, at any time. Be open to it: there could be a valuable experience hidden in it.

3. You will encounter a variety of characters
Every type of rose has its own needs. Some are fragile, some hearty, some late-blooming, etc. It’s important to treat your fellow human beings in the same way, accepting everyone as they are. Even if you don’t like all of the qualities of your colleagues, friends, neighbors, or relatives. You have the choice – accept or detach.

4. Sometimes there are a lot of thorns
Anyone who’s ever cultivated roses knows that there are always thorns. Okay, maybe life is not a bed of roses. Always getting stuck by thorns? Is that what your life is like? Then you might consider some general pruning.

5. It’s a lot of work
A rose garden does not thrive without effort. There is always something you need to take care of. Some aspect that needs your attention, or some task you need to perform.

6. Life comes and goes
Even in a rose garden, grief and joy are often close together. You must eventually bid farewell to every blossom. Either because a pest has gotten to it, a deer has eaten it, or because it is simply the end of the blooming season. There will always be new blossoms in your life. Some bushes may flower quickly, while others may take longer to mature.

7. You can have endless enjoyment
You can enjoy your roses by simply sitting outside in the sunshine, or by taking a leisurely stroll through your garden, or you can just enjoy the view looking out at them from your window. The same is true for dealing with people. How you spend your time is up to you. You should always take some time for fun.

Now do you understand why I say that, for me, life is a bed of roses?

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