Whoever thinks too much about the future misses the present!

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I can only speak about my own experiences and from my observations. Things might be different for you. While this post might not appeal to you, perhaps it will make you think.

If I look back at my nearly 50 spring seasons in this world, I can see that there have been an incredible number of wonderful moments in my life so far. Moments that I would not have wanted to miss and for which I am grateful. Above all, I am grateful that I have kept them in my memory.

But I also look back on many events and realize that only now do I recognize how unique they were. At the time, I could not enjoy them intensely because my thoughts and worries about the future had deadened the happiness of the moment.

The first big love
How many beautiful, unique moments there were. The first look, the first kiss, the first time walking through the city and showing everyone: we belong together. How wonderful every one of these moments might have been, had it not been for that little devil inside my head. That stupid fellow, who was constantly thinking: How long will it continue? Would I still be loved tomorrow? What happens if someone else looks better than me? What if we argue?

The closing of my first deal
Wow, I managed to win my first customer! But no, there he was again, that little devil. Are you sure you'll meet their expectations? Can you do all of that? Aren't you biting off more than you can chew? You still don't have enough experience! Instead of celebrating, I was worried. Ultimately, the worries were completely unfounded.

In this and similar ways, I have made many beautiful moments in my life small, in the truest sense of the word. Instead of enjoying being in the here-and-now, I was worried about a future that had not yet been written.

Today, I have learned a lot. I live more consciously, and take stronger notice of the small moments of happiness. And what can I say? There are more moments, daily! I, too, am now a moment collector.

I enjoy life and am happy!

With enthusiastic regards,


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