The humility of a coffee cup – or, why gratitude is more important to me than profit

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Again and again, I read in the social media postings from colleagues (yes, it's by the bankers) that they will give tips only if they are receiving payment, or that I can only get to know them personally if I book them. Equally awful, I find blanket statements like: "Those who are not willing to invest money in themselves shouldn't be surprised if they don't move forward."

This really sticks in my craw – what arrogance!

Yes, I am self-employed and don't offer my coaching sessions out of pure charity. I, too, want to make money with my profession.

But it was my priority to help people, to give them courage, and work together with them to find solutions and paths. The person who is in a seemingly hopeless situation – be it professional or private – is exactly the one who needs support. Why should I refuse him this when he comes to me and is willing to work on himself?

The Cup
And now I come to the subject of my coffee cup. This cup was given to me by a customer on our last coaching session. It's a memento for me, because I have drunk my coffee from this cup at every meeting. This customer would like to continue working with me because she

a) knows that she still needs support and
b) is convinced that I can help her.

I know her financial situation and I know she cannot afford to pay my fee right now. Very apt for the topic of "willingness to invest in yourself."

What can be done?
We have found a solution: I have something that she currently needs, and she offers a service that I can use. Thus, in our case, no money changes hands, but a service is paid for with a service.

As they say: "Whoever doesn't want to do something finds reasons not to. Whoever wants it will find a way!"

Perhaps it helps that I grew up in a typical working-class family and wasn't born with a golden spoon in my mouth. I never forgot what it means to be short on cash. I have not forgotten what it's like to be the only one not able to participate in the class trip because parents could not afford it. These experiences were so bad and unpleasant sometimes. Today, I am grateful to have had them.

They have made me humble and, above all, grateful for what I have.

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