Faith Moves Mountains Right Before Your Eyes!

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Beliefs – those nasty little things the invisible man on our shoulders whispers repeatedly in our ears. That little devil, who constantly warns us of potential hazards, persuades us that something won't work anyway, or – worse yet – that WE certainly can't do it.
STOP! – Is that really so? Does that little invisible man only tell you when something will not work, or does he sometimes also inspire you and give you courage?
Beliefs are not innately limiting. There are also many that help us push forward on our way.
Therefore, it is good to know which of your beliefs limit you, and which give you a boost. For that, you have to clarify for yourself which beliefs will accompany you through your life.
Find a quiet place for yourself, take a pen and paper with you, and consider which beliefs dwell in you. If you want to, you can also consult with a good friend about this. Often, we are not even aware of our beliefs and so it is good for you to have someone who may be able to open your eyes.

You say you don't have any beliefs? I'm betting that you do. How often do we talk to ourselves and justify why something will or will not work? You know these sayings: "Without a diploma, you don't have a chance." "I'm too old/too young/too fat/too thin for that." "The early bird gets the worm." Those are all beliefs. Sometimes, beliefs are hidden in proverbs or in the good advice that our parents or grandparents gave us along the way. Some beliefs develop only over the course of our lives, for example, from experiences that we've had.
When you are finished writing down your thoughts, take a closer look at every sentence you have written. Is there a sentence that inspired you, or that hindered you? Where does this assumption come from? Is there any evidence that this is really true? Further questions follow behind each question.
Sometimes, an inhibiting belief can actually be good for you. Perhaps it exists to prevent you from blindly moving forward with something, or to keep something from completely taking over your life.
You don't have to go through this process alone. Take advantage of the support of a person you trust, or a coach. For many of your beliefs, you will find an easy solution, while others may take longer. There will certainly be some that continue to accompany you throughout life, or that may eventually disappear by themselves.
A dear friend told me that she did not want to completely break away from her old beliefs. She thought they were something special. Old beliefs can be lovingly stowed away on a mental shelf, just like an old book that you will probably never read again but you don't want to part with.
Every day, you create new experiences and and you assess situations and people anew. Your beliefs will also change throughout your life. It's nice to know that you can play an active part in this, in order to make your life a happy one.

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