A few weeks ago I and some other Berliners were interviewed for The Guardian. You can find the full article including my answer following the link below.

What does fulfilment mean to Berliners?

Photograph: Thorsten Futh for the Guardian

2017 12 30 Life Coaching Fulfilment

Are you one of the people who have tried to achieve particular objectives and at some point lost sight of their goals?

One of my coaching clients defined it as follows:

For me, it’s like standing at the lower end of a stairway with countless steps leading to the top. I feel very small and the goal at the top is so far out of reach. That’s when I start asking myself whether to take the first step or not.

You probably know the saying, “Life is not a bed of roses.” Although I must admit that I’ve never really understood why a bed of roses has been associated with being easy, trouble-free, and effortless.

For me, life really is a bed of roses. And what a life! You may be asking yourself how I came to this conclusion. The answer is simple:

I can only speak about my own experiences and from my observations. Things might be different for you. While this post might not appeal to you, perhaps it will make you think.

If I look back at my nearly 50 spring seasons in this world, I can see that there have been an incredible number of wonderful moments in my life so far. Moments that I would not have wanted to miss and for which I am grateful. Above all, I am grateful that I have kept them in my memory.

But I also look back on many events and realize that only now do I recognize how unique they were. At the time, I could not enjoy them intensely because my thoughts and worries about the future had deadened the happiness of the moment.

Again and again, I read in the social media postings from colleagues (yes, it's by the bankers) that they will give tips only if they are receiving payment, or that I can only get to know them personally if I book them. Equally awful, I find blanket statements like: "Those who are not willing to invest money in themselves shouldn't be surprised if they don't move forward."

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